Internet Marketing for the Over 50s

When I reached the unimaginable age of 50 I was newly divorced and close to bankruptcy.

I had returned to school to fill in some gaps in my electronic knowledge and was a full-time student without a job.

It gets a lot harder to find employment when you are 50 or older, it seems that the employers are either scared that you'll take their job or that you know more than them about how to do it.  Probably true in most cases.

In the next 15 years, I found a good job that paid me very well, a new partner who had similar goals to me and was employed.

Between us, we managed to save, live well, travel, and retire at 65 debt-free.

None of that happened accidentally and none of that happened through making money online.

But, during that period I was exploring Internet marketing with the aim of supplementing my retirement income so we could continue the lifestyle we like and buffer us against stock market crashes.

We are not where I want to be, yet, but we are on the way.

This whole site and this blog are geared towards showing what I'm doing and helping you to do the same.

Interested?  Want to add a little or a lot to your retirement income?  Stick around, you never know, you just might learn something useful.

Brent Milne

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